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Here are the YDU Forum Guidelines. Please note - by registering for an account and clicking on that "I agree" box at the bottom of the page, you are entering into an agreement to abide by these Guidelines. If you feel that you cannot abide by these Guidelines, then please do not register.

YDU Community Purpose
The purpose of the Yanks Down Under community is to provide friendship and support for Americans living in Australia, or planning to move there. However, this is not a requirement for membership. We welcome anyone who has an interest in our site, as long as they agree to abide by our Guidelines.

User Accounts
Only one user account per person. If we find someone using two or more accounts, the one(s) created earliest will be deleted. If you are having trouble registering for the site, please contact Tors at yanksdownunder(at)yahoo(dot)com

User Account Deletion Requests
Any user may request to be removed from the forum database at any time, for any reason. All requests must be submitted via PM to TerritorianTori, and are subject to a 24-hr cooling off period (extenuating circumstances excepted). If the request stands, we will remove your login and change your username to "Guest". Deletions are irreversable, so please be sure you really mean it.

User Names
Choose your username carefully. I will change it once, but only once (extenuating circumstances excepted).

- While we take as many precautions as possible to protect the privacy of our members, please be aware that this is a public website and anyone can see your posts. It's best to keep all personal information to a minimum. If you choose to post your personal details, we cannot be responsible for the consequences.
- Posting another member's personal details (e.g. real name, address, phone number) is not allowed unless you have that person's permission.

- Please try to post in the proper forum.
- Do not post in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, L33T-spk, StUdLy cApS, or text messaging-style shorthand, except in a humourous context.
- Before you post something, be sure it is relevant and constructive. Pointless topics like "OMG Paris Hilton sucks!" will be deleted.
- If you have no interest in a particular topic, don't post to tell people of this fact. Move on to a different thread.
- Don't be afraid to use the "Edit" button when necessary.
- If you're not sure whether something is appropriate to post on YDU, run it by a moderator. That way you've got a second opinion.

All posts are copyright of their authors and YDU. Please be sure to ask permission before reproducing them elsewhere. Also, if you quote material from other websites, please make sure to provide the link too. Otherwise, it will have to be deleted.

Language & Profanity
We realise the majority of members are grown adults, and so swearing is not against the rules. But please keep in mind that some people may be offended by it.

Abusive / Flaming / Trolling / Derogatory Comments
- Abusive comments, "flaming", trolling, or derogatory insults or comments are strictly prohibited. Sometimes topics can push our buttons and trigger intense emotions. Members are encouraged to express themselves honestly and openly. However, it is expected that members will treat eachother with respect, no matter how heated the debate, no matter how controversial the opinion. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
- Flaming is defined here as any personal attacks on another member with the sole intention to hurt, harass, or provoke. Please focus on the message and not the messenger.
- Trolling (also known as "baiting") is defined here as posting something with the sole intention of starting an argument or getting a flaming response. It's obvious when someone is trying to antagonise, so please don't do it here.
- If you find yourself being flamed or insulted by another member, please do not dignify that person with a response. Notify a moderator and let us handle it. If you feel you must respond to a flame or insult directly, please take it outside the public forums.

Spamming & Advertising
Spamming is the posting of "junk mail" and unsolicited advertising either on the forum itself or via the private message system. This includes issuing direct invitations to visit a personal website, eBay auction, blog, business, etc. It's fine if you want to put a link in your signature for people to visit if they're so inclined, but YDU is not to be used as a platform to boost your own site's membership.

Photos & Avatars
No sexually explicit, nude, or "grotesque" images allowed in the public forums, the Photo Album, or in avatars.

Private Messaging (PM) System
ALL of the general rules listed in this forum apply to the Private Messaging system, especially regarding abuse & spamming/advertising. If you receive an offending PM, please forward it to the Administrator.

Legal Related Posts & Issues
Migrating to Australia involves many legal issues. Often, members will ask for advice from others who have "been there, done that, and got the t-shirt". Yanks Down Under does not endorse any legal advice given anywhere on the forums. If you are totally confused about what you're doing, please seek the advice of a professional, and don't rely on just this website for information.

YDU Moderators & Administrators
- The YDU Site Administrator is TerritorianTori and the moderators are Matt, Squashy, Bindie, and incognito. We are here to help in any way we can, so please don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything you need.
- If a moderator or administrator asks you to do something (or refrain from doing something), please don't take it personally; it's not meant that way.

Reserved Rights
Moderators reserve the right to move, lock, edit, or delete posts/threads that violate Forum Guidelines or for any other reason as they see fit, with or without notice. Additionally, the Administrator reserves the right to suspend and/or permanently ban anyone considered to be disruptive to the health and wellbeing of the Forum.

Banned Topics
Forum rules and moderator decisions are not up for debate on the public forum. Please PM or email the Moderators/Administrator directly if you wish to discuss these issues. As long as you bring up your concerns in a mature and respectful manner, we will do our best to address them fairly and promptly. Ranting, throwing kindergarten-style temper tantrums, and/or being generally abusive to the Staff will not get you what you want. (in fact, it may get you banned)
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